New Name, Same Shtick

Guess what? The Jessica Way is getting a makeover!

The new format will include shorter, more frequent posts about what’s going on at The Land of Silk & Honey (AKA my house. Don’t be jealous, you can name your house too). The reason for the change is that I’m working on a book about “half-assed homesteading” and it turns out publishers will not even look at anything that’s already been online. I tried to tell them that I only have four blog readers (and that you guys are awesome), but they still said no.

Enter the good idea. Instead of the longer essays, I will post shorter updates and funny stories. And to seal the deal, I’m changing the name of the blog. I hope this will be entertaining for you guys and fun for me too. I enjoy sharing the lovable madness that takes place at the Land of Silk & Honey with you.

Thanks for reading!



backyard in fall
The Land of Silk & Honey



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