If You Seek a Pleasant Peninsula




The gods of Midwestern weather smiled on us today, sending us one of those idyllic spring days that are so beautiful they make your heart burst. Since it’s also Earth Day, I thought it would be nice to snap some photos of the lovely things I saw while soaking up the welcome sunshine. Enjoy sharing our beautiful day!

earth day tulip
Tulips herald spring
earth day robin eggs
Robin’s eggs
earth day fungus
Fungus in the woodpile
earth day dove
Mom and baby mourning dove in a blue spruce
earth day empty snail shell
River snail
earth day exploring
Exploring the backyard
earth day landscape
Apple buds
earth day periwinkle
Periwinkle, a favorite of mine
earth day sgt pepper
Sergeant Pepper, a Chinese mystery snail?
earth day snail
A snail on my book about snails
earth day tiger bettle
Six-spotted tiger beetle


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