Feed Me, Seymour

Our garden continues to grow, sometimes at an alarming rate. The kiwanorund vines are getting too tall to hold up with straws, and the bush beans seem to grown an inch every time we blink. We’ve been transplanting the seedlings into cups when they get too big for the little starter cells, but that has caused a shortage of space under the grow lights. The plants have taken over half of my kitchen counter space. In short, we can’t wait to move these babies outside.

We got *a little* carried away with the fun of growing seedlings, and we ended up planting about twice as much as our garden beds can hold. So we’re waiting for a good soaking rain so we can get out there and dig an extension to the garden.

In the meantime, it really has been fun checking on the plants every day and watching them transform. I admit I’m a little nervous about moving them outside where they will be vulnerable to all kinds of insects, animals, and severe weather. We’ll see how it all turns out!


One thought on “Feed Me, Seymour

  1. So much fun to watch the plants grow !!! I helped with a community garden a few years ago and was amazed how much food came from it.


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